Visiting Stratford: Shakespeare's Birthplace

After our walk to Anne Hathaway's Cottage, we wandered back to town centre to visit the rest of the Shakespeare sights. First on the list was the Birth House and the National Trust Museum (which happen to be so close that they are practically attached - you have to enter the birth house via the museum and then enter the grounds).

The house of William Shakespeare's birth and residence. SHUT. UP. Also, my mom. Isn't she cute?

Another street-view of the birth house.

The First Folio

The back side of the birth house.

The back side of the birth house.

Entering into the birth house.

Note the recreated tapestries (not nearly as cool as originals).

Do not pay attention to my hair. It was still adjusting to travel products and no hair tools.

William Shakespeare's father's glove shop.

William Shakespeare's father's glove shop.

William Shakespeare's father's glove shop. This man is adorable and looks like a hobbit. I want to keep him.

William Shakespeare's father's glove shop. He would sell the gloves out the window (to the right) as it looks out on one of the main streets. Pretty convenient little business setup if you ask me!

Three Shakespeare boys would sleep in this bed. Goodness!

William actually ended up starting his own public house (pub and inn) at one side of the house, the pictures of which I accidentally deleted. Fun fact, though.

We've been back to the birth house several times, once to meet up with my good friend Hillary! She moved to London from Australia a few months before we moved to Birmingham. It was so good to see her; it had been 12 years! But those bonded by awkward middle school growing pains will always be friends no matter the time or distance.

So after Anne Hathaway's Cottage and the Birth House, what's next? Why, we still had the Holy Trinity Church (Shakespeare's baptism and burial site) and the rest of Stratford to explore - and it didn't disappoint!